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These calendars are custom made for a specific wedding. 

These would be wonderful gifts for the Bride & Groom, for the families of the Bride and Groom and even for the wedding party.  They would make a unique keepsake from the wedding. 

Both JunesThe daughter of a friend of mine got married in June, and I wanted to give her something unique as a wedding gift.  I decided to make a variant of my "Quirky Calendar" and I created a Wedding Calendar! 

I started and ended the calendar with the month of their wedding.  In their case the 1st and last months in the calendar are June 2012 and June 2013.  I highlighted and put "Happy Wedding!" on the wedding day, and "Happy 1st Anniversary!" on the anniversary day.  Check out the picture of the two June’s.

What was really fun about this calendar is that I highlighted the birthdays and anniversaries of both families in the calendar.  This felt perfect for a wedding – like an introduction to the important dates in the "other" family, and a reminder about your own family’s important dates.  I put the "Name" for birthdays, and "Name & Name" for anniversaries.  Check out the pictures! 

Aug 2012 sampleI had a really fun time creating their calendars, so I decided to offer to make Wedding Calendars for your wedding or for you to give as wedding gifts.

Wedding calendars are sold in sets of 2.  For the price listed you get 2 calendars.

The covers are personalized in either of these two ways:

  (1)  The set can come with the bride’s name on one calendar and the groom’s name on the other.  In the example, one said "Jessie’s Wedding Calendar" and the other said "Alan’s Wedding Calendar". 


Cover ClosedOr (2)  your set can come with both names on the cover, for example,  "Jessie & Alan’s Wedding Calendar" (like in the picture). 

You might want to do as I did.  I gave the Bride & Groom four calendars as a wedding gift – one with the Bride’s name, one with the Groom’s name and two with both names.  The mother of the bride purchased 10 calendars with both names on them to give as gifts.

This is a small wall calendar and it has a hole for hanging.  These calendars are wonderful in places where space is at a premium, like next to your computer at home or at work, in the bathroom, in the car, in your purse, etc. 

Size closed: 5.5" wide x 4.25" tall
Size open:  5.5" wide x 8.5" tall
Printed on white 32 lb. paper. Holidays and full moon days are noted.
The sayings for each month are determined by whatever was on the calendars for the years involved.

I need to know ALL of the following:
    (1) the date of the wedding (including month, day & year),
    (2) the names of the Bride and Groom,
    (3) a list of names and birth dates from both families,
    (4) a list of names and anniversaries from both families, &
    (5) if you want one cover to say "Bride’s Wedding Calendar" and the other to say "Groom’s Wedding Calendar", or have both say "Bride & Groom’s Wedding Calendar". 

Please send an email to with the above information after you place your paypal order.

30 Birthdays and/or Anniversaries are included in the price.



Cost for two: $11.99

Includes 30 Birthdays and/or Anniversaries

Additional calendars with the same information cost:  $9.99 for each additional set of 2.

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